We, The Quintave Singers, are a group of college-aged male vocalists based in Philadelphia PA, focused on singing renaissance, traditional, and contemporary choral works. Coming together originally as a part of the renowned Keystone State Boychoir's Anonymous 8 ensemble, we have continued our choral endeavors with each other as we travelled to different universities along the East Coast.

Each of us comes from a different, rich musical background, some proficient instrumental performers, some knowledgeable composers, and some well-versed in music technology. Our diversity as an ensemble allows us to perform authentically in a wide variety of styles, as well as to bring new ideas and interpretations to well-known choral works.

We are so glad to have had a successful first concert season this past summer! The amount of support and aclaim we recieved was truly beyond what we could've hoped for. Having experienced this success, we are exitedly preparing for our Summer 2020 season, despite the limitations imposed by the current health crisis. This time we will be singing a number of contemporary pieces, as well as some classical and romantic repertoire.